Do These 5 Things if You Want to Sell Your Ranch for Top Dollar

Do These 5 Things if You Want to Sell Your Ranch for Top Dollar

When an agent is showing properties to a buyer, it is common that they are visiting several properties per trip. A seller can help their property sell by making it stand out and be memorable. Landowners who are unsure where to start when analyzing their property’s readiness for the market can ask their agent for advice. Your agent has the same objective in mind: to sell your property for the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time. They are there to support you and help you achieve your goals and market the property’s best assets and features.
Just like a house, a property’s “curb appeal” will make a big difference in how quickly it sells and for what price. Follow these five simple tips to help you make the most money when you sell your ranch land.

1. Make Sure Buyers Have Easy Access to All Areas of Your Ranch or Land

This is the most important! Generally, half a day with a chainsaw and loppers can open up roads and paths so buyers can easily get around. No one likes belly crawling, getting swatted in the face with branches, or getting their vehicle destroyed trying to view a property. Making people upset with you, or seeing a ton of work right away will put you on the top of a list, but it may not be the list you want to be on! Be sure potential buyers can enter, tour, and exit your property without having to cut through neighboring properties.
Cutting through another property to get to yours can be confusing to some buyers, thus making it harder to sell. Not only confusing but undesirable! So, if you have your own road frontage or easement access, confirm it is functional and easy to access so you keep buyers clear about the property and its boundaries.

2. Mark Your Boundaries

Buyers do not know your place like you do, even if they’ve studied it in-depth at home. Clearly marking the boundaries and making the boundaries accessible by vehicle is extremely helpful in allowing a buyer to feel like they really understand what they are looking for and considering purchasing. Tie small flags or spray paint boundary fence posts or trees to help display boundaries.

3. Get Your Fences in Shape!

Loose or broken wires do not make buyers eager to pay full price. Mend your fences and replace old and missing posts. Check your water gaps and make any necessary repairs. If you really want to ‘wow’ prospective buyers, clear your fences and remove overgrowth! Clearing and tidying fences once per year will reduce the need to do a full overhaul. If some boundaries don’t have fencing it’s really important to have these marked with stakes or t-posts.

4. Make Sure Your Best View Spots, Creeks, River, and Lake Banks Look Their Best

Unique views and surface water are always on a buyer’s “bonus” list, if not on their “must-haves” list. These places will be one of the first places buyers will want to see. Removing trash and limbs along with some mowing and trimming will make a huge difference in the presentation of your property.

5. Line It Up and Square It Up!

If you have almost any size of property, you likely have trailers, RVs, equipment, implements, and so on. Do not park these things all over creation. Line them up, square them up, and make it look like you’re a neat freak! Trust us on this It makes a difference! (PS Do not do this at the entrance!)

A ranch that looks clean, is organized, and well cared for will reap the benefits by getting high offers, and quick! The goal is to minimize the amount of work that a buyer sees on your property. A buyer will use their “to do” list as reasons to justify their less-than-full-price offer, so make that list as small as possible!

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