Poised to ride even deeper into uncharted territory, The Converse Cowboy takes the reins of his latest project, "Unveiling the Hustle."

Poised to ride even deeper into uncharted territory, The Converse Cowboy takes the reins of his latest project, "Unveiling the Hustle."

In the vast landscape of podcasts and web shows, emerges a distinctive voice that goes beyond the usual. 

Meet, "The Converse Cowboy," where the fusion of mindset and performance unfolds through captivating narratives, offering a unique perspective on the life of high performers in the western industry.  Hosted by Mike Roberts, his platform invites you to step into the minds of extraordinary individuals. Through intimate conversations, Mike delves into the habits and routines of his guests, extracting invaluable insights that listeners can’t get from a book. 

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Mike has sat down with giants in the western performance world, including James Payne, Tatum Rice, Matt Gaines, and Jesse Lennox.

But the Converse Cowboy isn't confined to the arena; he extends his reach into the world of music. Mike has shared the mic with notable musicians, delving into the minds of artists like Colter Wall and Vincent Neil Emerson. These diverse encounters bring a richness to the podcast, offering a multifaceted perspective on the principles that drive success in both the saddle and the studio.

Mike's impact extends beyond the mic; he's easily recognized for his poster quotes that resonate profoundly with followers on Instagram.

These nuggets of wisdom delve into mindset and high performance, serving as small doses of inspiration that linger in the minds of those seeking to elevate their game.

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Poised to ride even deeper into uncharted territory, Mike takes the reins of his latest project, "Unveiling the Hustle."

In his latest mini-series, The Converse Cowboy pulls the curtain and shares a look behind-the-scenes in the arena with trainer Jesse Lennox as Jesse prepares for the Semi-Finals of the NCHA Futurity. Join the conversation, absorb the wisdom, and discover the untold stories behind the hustle in this daily mini-series hosted and directed by The Converse Cowboy. 

Video: Randy Quartieri & WT Fletcher

This isn't just about the techniques and tactics; it's an exploration of the mindset, the relentless pursuit of excellence, and the untold stories that create the success you see in the spotlight. 

Inundated with awards, finals photos, and success-only social media feeds, the true essence lies in the unseen grind and hustle—the early mornings working horses at 4:00 AM stretching into long days, the long days stretching into weeks.

"Unveiling the Hustle" is a game-changer, pulling back the curtain and stripping away the social media filter to provide an unfiltered, real-life glimpse into the relentless pursuit of excellence. It's a rare opportunity to understand and appreciate the sacrifices, dedication, and sheer hard work it takes to ascend to the top in the world of high performers. 

Join Mike Roberts on this exhilarating ride, where curiosity meets action, and the Converse Cowboy becomes the conduit for unraveling the mysteries behind the hustle. 

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