Reviving History: The Texas Real Estate Twins Settle in Downtown Lipan After a 14-Month Renovation Journey

Reviving History: The Texas Real Estate Twins Settle in Downtown Lipan After a 14-Month Renovation Journey

October of 2022, Bailey and I stumbled upon a set of old buildings that had always piqued our curiosity.

Much to our delight, they were actually on the market for sale. Little did we know, this chance encounter would lead us on an unexpected journey of restoration and discovery.

When these buildings became available, we hadn't actively sought out a project. However, immediately after viewing the three buildings, we were captivated by their allure and distinct character.


Without hesitation, we purchased the buildings and embarked on a journey to uncover their storied past.

Shortly after finalizing the purchase, we gained access to the interiors and realized the extensive level of restoration that would be required. Or so we thought we knew.

What we initially anticipated as manageable soon revealed itself to be far more daunting. Layer by layer, we peeled back years of renovations and makeshift fixes until we reached the buildings' original framework and essence. Yet, beneath the surface, we encountered a grim reality: years of neglect had left the structures in dire condition.



Ravaged by mold, termite infestations, and even fire damage, restoring these buildings felt like an endless unraveling of challenges.

To put it in perspective, when we first encountered the buildings, only one had functioning power and water systems. However, even those had to be completely replaced from scratch. Being hands-on and avid do-it-yourselfers, we were determined not to miss a single detail in the restoration process.












Hence, for the initial six months, we served as the demolition crew, uncovering hidden  of the past.

Among our discoveries were original doors and windows encased in layers of brick and wall coverings. We revealed concealed ceiling tiles and unearthed an old walk-in freezer once utilized by Lipan's residents before private refrigeration was widely used in the resident's homes. Much to our surprise, we found evidence of a previous fire in one of the buildings, concealed beneath layers of drywall. 


Piece by piece, we meticulously revealed the extent of the damage, diligently repairing and restoring the buildings to their former splendor.

Our approach prioritized the preservation of the original features, preferring to retain their authentic appearance rather than modernize them. We firmly believe in the significance of history and its preservation, and this principle guided our every effort. Preserving the buildings' rich heritage was not just a task but our overarching goal throughout the restoration process.


Immersed in the journey of restoration, we found ourselves deeply enamored with the original architecture and captivating tales embedded within these buildings.




So enamored, in fact, that we made a heartfelt decision: one of the six spaces across the trio of buildings would become the home for our newly established brokerage.

Throughout the restoration process, we had the privilege of meeting numerous locals who shared with us the rich history of the buildings. The space that now houses our office was once a bustling hub, hosting a diverse array of businesses including a grocery store, a butcher, a hardware store, and in the early 2000s, pizza place.












Adjacent to our office, the other buildings in the strip boast a fascinating lineage of businesses.

Among them, there was a pharmacy, a post office, an undertaker's establishment, and notably, the site of the first F&M bank in 1905. As time progressed, these spaces evolved, accommodating a feed store and hardware store in the later part of the 20th century.



Each business left its mark on the buildings, contributing to the rich tapestry of Lipan's history.

Traces of the past endure as tangible reminders of the buildings' storied history. At the apex of one structure, the word "bank" remains etched into the stone, a relic harkening back to the days when commerce thrived within its walls. The inscription serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of these venerable structures.












In crafting our office space, our foremost aim was to honor and revive the essence of the buildings' former glory, preserving their innate charm and character.

With careful consideration, we retained key elements of the original architecture, including the doors and front walls, allowing them to stand as testament to the buildings' enduring heritage. Moreover, we embarked on the delicate process of revealing and showcasing the hidden beauty within, exposing the stonework and trusses in the ceiling to their full splendor.


To complement these authentic features, we introduced wood flooring and adorned the space with vintage finishes, harmonizing modern functionality with timeless aesthetics.

The result is a space that not only serves our practical needs but also pays homage to the rich history ingrained within these walls.

Our journey of restoration has been nothing short of a labor of love for the town of Lipan and its rich historical legacy. We invite you to immerse yourself in the story woven into the very fabric of these buildings, to experience firsthand the charm and authenticity they exude. Whether you're seeking a space to lease in the buildings, or entrusting us with your luxury and land real estate needs, we stand ready to serve as stewards of history and champions of community revitalization.

-Chelsea & Bailey



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