Top Tips for Selling Texas Land and Ranches

Top Tips for Selling Texas Land and Ranches

People ask us all the time, “what exactly do I need to do to get my place ready to sell?” While Bailey and I offer pre-listing property audits as part of our standard listing package, there are some basics that could apply to any property as a baseline for you to get started on. The most important factor to consider when preparing to sell your ranch or land is that a well-maintained and presentable property, free from project-like tasks is the most likely property to attract more and higher offers. Below is a list of where a property owner would need to focus their efforts for a quick sale on the Texas land market! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the equipment to do all of the items below, there are many things that can be done without equipment, but also, hiring professionals can be a smart investment. This is particularly true if it boosts the property's market value. (And it usually does.) 


  1. Highlight the Best Seasons:

Spring and early summer is an ideal time to showcase the natural beauty of your land. During this season, wildflowers are in full bloom, trees are adorned with fresh leaves, and the grass is lush and green. The typical spring rains often result in full stock ponds and flowing creeks, which add to the property's charm and visual appeal. Plus, great weather means a buyer isn’t in a hurry to get back into the AC or heat and may be more likely to spend more time touring your property and all that it has to offer. 

  1. Ensure Accessibility:

This one is huge. Clearing roads and paths on the property is essential to make it easily navigable for potential buyers. No one wants to damage their vehicle just trying to view your property. A day or two with a chainsaw, pole pruner and a shredder will drastically change a buyer’s experience on your property for the better! Additionally, ensuring that buyers can access and explore the property without crossing adjacent lands is crucial. Functional road frontage or easement access that keeps buyers within the property boundaries is key to a smooth viewing experience.

  1. Clean Up:

A thorough cleanup of the property can significantly enhance its appeal. This involves removing all trash, old vehicles, appliances, metal piles, and fence wire. Items that are still useful, such as pipes, gates, and lumber, should be stored neatly in a less visible area, like behind a barn. Keeping these items organized and out of sight helps create a clean, presentable property that is more attractive to buyers. We understand that you may have material on hand necessary for ranch operations, so if you have equipment and material you can’t get rid of, line it up neat and make it look organized. (P.S. Mow around it and keep it tidy!)

  • Manage Brush and Debris:

To maintain a tidy and appealing property, it's crucial to manage brush and debris effectively. Burn any brush piles, preferably in the fall, to allow for regrowth before listing the property. If you think you may be considering selling in the next year, make this top of your list so you don’t run into a burn ban that could prevent you from burning your brush piles. Freshly shredded pastures promote green growth and significantly enhance the overall appearance of the land, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Maintain Fences:

Keeping fences in good condition is essential for showcasing a well-maintained property. Repair any broken wires and posts, and ensure that hot wires are functional. Additionally, clearing brush from fence lines annually helps maintain a neat and orderly appearance, which is appealing to buyers.

  • Optimize Scenic Views:

Highlighting and steering the buyers to the property's best views and water features can greatly increase its attractiveness. Clear any trash and limbs around key areas such as scenic views, creeks, tanks, and other water bodies. These spots are often major attractions for buyers, so ensuring they are well-maintained and visually appealing can make a significant difference in the property's marketability. (Tip: Mow and mark trails that direct buyers toward these scenic spots. They don’t know it’s there unless you tell them somehow!)


A clean, organized, and well-maintained ranch will yield significant returns. The aim is to minimize the buyer's "to-do" list for the property. Buyers often use this list to negotiate lower offer prices, so reducing it as much as possible is essential. 

Still want some pointers on how to get your ranch land ready to sell? Give us a call, we are happy to come out! 



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